Standart Assignments


Turnkey construction
The construction, renovation and the restoration in the hotel, leisure and the sport business, as well as in the industry, office and the housing concerning all bodies of the profession interfering in the field of construction from the project realization until the handling over the keys constitute the principal assignment of TESZULAS.

The qualified subcontractors provided with the renown references are the long time external collaborators of the company

Turnkey consultancy
Programmes which are contracted to us underline our organizational efficiency to build complex projects within exceptionally short time frames. Approvals of preliminary and execution documents by the client are obtained at crucial stages of rigourous scheduling.

Engineering and design consultancy
Engineering and design consultancy usually starts after the approval of the construction project preliminary design studies of and ends with remedying of all construction defects and final hand-over to the client.

The assignment combines the technical know-how of TEZULAS and its consultants

Technical consultancy with construction cost management
In association with an Architect, the Engineer`s task is to optimize, to dimension, to describe and to control the implementation of building works their equipment.

Coordination, planning and scheduling.
Project co-ordination is an essential task to assist the owner in reaching the programme`s objectives.

Depending on the responsibilities which are entrusted to him by the client, the usual Planning and scheduling assignment can be extended to services before the commencement of the works, in particular when task is implemented as from the preliminary feasibility studies.