Types of Projects


The standing of an hotel or a service apartment compound is a combination of various elements of a programme which includes:

  • Public spaces for reception and services
  • Lodging spaces
  • The quality of fittings and architecture
  • The spaces dedicated to common services

Commercial centers
Commercial centers require specialized equipment that must be abide by very strict operation guidelines provided by builders or regulationsIn order to host large numbers of people, these projects require high levels of safety.Technical expertise is revealed by the choice of structure and fittings. User`s comfort also depends on the quality of environment.

Industry Urbain
Industrial investments are carried out either in the context of setting up new units, in industrial estates or high schemes, or adapting existing buildings and retrofitting production line, in existing urbain areas.
Workshops call for modern fittings as well as offices that are designed to process information on the production process and on the installation`s technical monitoring.
Nowadays, offices are located on prime spots in urban centers or in office estates. In an extremely competitive environment, they stand out by their architecture quality and their convenience for use.
As for housing units, market criteria are based upon space, view, accessibility and fittings, The quality of buildings depend on their components and their careful implementation.